Coffee Gold Sugar Cane and the search for an album title

Coffee Gold Sugar Cane

That’s the title of my upcoming album, scheduled to be out on November 3rd. If you got here you probably know that already.

I came around so many names and it took me a while to FINALLY settle with one!

Some were a bit (VERY!) silly and wouldn’t help give much credit to the album, some just sounded bad… The idea was to show the mix of different styles, and that something interesting and new can come out of it.

Shrimp with a Goatee

I wear a Goatee, that’s a family trait, coming from my grandfather passing by my dad and spreading throughout me and my 2 brothers.

How cool would a Shrimp with a Goatee be?

But this name didn’t really strike much impact, and it was difficult to be understood at the first pitch.

Then, at a dinner table after a gig and discussing this, a friend suggested Jumbo Shrimp! Now that’s strong. Everybody (that eats shrimp) likes a jumbo shrimp, it’s just extra shrimp per count and that’s a plus. And makes it more special and exclusive, as I imagine there are way less Jumbo Shrimp in the ocean than non-jumbo Shrimps.

Jumbo Shrimp with a Goatee –

We were getting somewhere, but still a bit difficult to pronounce and a bit too much on the funny side. It was related to the mix of different elements, which was the main idea, and the ocean, which is a personal preference.

Then through some research I arrived at the beardfish. Not a lot of people know about the beardfish, I assume.Polymixia_nobilis




Beardfish and the Goatee – 

The Goatee would be me, and the beardfish… well, he’d just be there. Pretty cool, but not cool enough for an album title, right?

Nothing wrong in being funny, but I think in predominantly instrumental music, you have few chances of directing what your music means to your audience, and the album title and song titles are important elements.


Back to square one…


The album mixes many elements from my musical journey. A lot of samba, some partido alto, baião, frevo, and then there are elements from the music from other countries of Latin America, such as Salsa, Latin Jazz, Bambuco, Bachata, Flamenco (not quite Latin American in this case…). And I was thinking about food, so I started thinking about what foods bring all of Latin America together. And drinks!

Mojirinha – 

The ultimate drink mix, a Mojito with a Caipirinha! Brazil and Cuba!


Too good to be true? Maybe yes, it related to the mix, the culture, to party, to having a good time and ultimately to music. But didn’t sound good enough, did it?


I was almost there! Just putting the right elements together to give the right message.

I think I was just missing talking about the people and their histories, and that’s where I ended up next.

To be continued…

What do you think about those name attempts?

Maybe you think Jumbo Shrimp with a Goatee was the winner? Share your thoughts!


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